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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tax Time

We chose this year to have our taxes done by a person rather than do them our selves with a program. We thought about it last year when we could have added our house on, but we just didn’t find a person. I won’t go to one of those super-processed places that are like check out lines in a grocery store, no personality.

Since last year we made another big change and we thought we would go ahead and have a person go over them. I am still not sure if I am completely satisfied, but I am much more relived than if we had done it alone. And the lady who did it helped explain how to fix my state problem. I am working in KY but live in IN, and they (UPS) are not doing my state taxes right. That means I must go to the human resources place in the city of UPS, it’s only a bus and short walk from my work area. At least the people there are nice.

Now we make the list of what to do with the return. I think a complete garden this year. That would be something nice. I really really want to make a moss garden. I have a shady patch on the north side of the house that would be perfect. I have always wanted a nice garden. So look for my blooming garden soon. Oh and any ideas, tips, or advise any one would like to give would be lovely.

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Thomas J. Brown said...

Morah and I are also looking forward to putting together a garden in our backyard (although honestly, I'd rather tear up the front yard and plant a sweet victory garden).