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Friday, August 12, 2005

The Baby

I am an Auntie. I doesn’t feel as weird any more, but it’s still strange to think about. I am still trying to figure out if not being the first to have grandbabies was a bad thing or not. There were so many emotions, and feelings and trauma. It was like my very own soap world. It was awfully poignant and life-altering. I was there while Bastion was born, it was beautiful, it was tough, it was great life control. (For those of you who do not know me, “birth control” IS life control, life control is birth control)
The birthing was intense, Chelsea was having contractions for two days when she decided it was a rather exceptional time to get it over with. She had wanted to go natural, but when we all got to the hospital (around 9:00 in the pm) she opted for drugs in her spine. There was lots of moving from L&D room to waiting room for those who weren’t the cause of this situation Chelsea found her self in, finally all the secret talks with the doctors were over and we could sit tight. As Chelsea labored, the family decided to grab a bite before all the real work began. We went to this little cafĂ© that was open 24/7, and everyone got something to eat and some coffee. I had chocolate coffee, and these really exceedingly magnificent pancakes. It was to live for.
We got back, hung out some, then we all just kind of found our selves in slumber realm. I woke to find Chelsea alone and having a rather hard time. She and I did a few minuets of breathing till Brit joined us. By this time is was close to 7 in the morning, we got Mom, we all just comforted Chelsea. With in minuets the nurses decided that it was time to start the labor part. Mom and I took turns helping Chelsea labor, and I don’t mean push or any thing, just lots of holding of the legs and breathing, and smiling and stuff. The doctor came in and out a lot, the nurses did most of the bed side assistance, around 930 or so, the doctor double wrapped herself and took position. It got really intense then, 45 minuets later at 1018 little bitty was born, with a simple cry and a beautiful colour.
Both Jessie and I would all tears, it was so….. I don’t think I have the words to explain how I felt.
Chelsea did so well the whole time. She did seem a little detacted, but I don’t blame her for wanting to leave her body after all she went through. She had to stay in the hospitals for 48 hours. And then it was a whole stupid deal to get her out, but that’s for another time.
I am so very glad I was able to be apart of this experience. I love my sister, and always will. I can understand that life can and will throw you a funny ball, I guess its all about how you seize it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

MP, Michael Parks. That is who did this wonderful picture. Along with many other marvelous pieces of art. I love how he draws women, sure they are all long, but they are not sticks. His women have a beauty that few people can really appreciate or even envision. I love the charming colours, and the feelings that secretes off them.
This picture is my favorite, its called Angle Affair.
I guess I just like angels, even if I don’t like the originator.