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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Vest

I am on the hunt of a good vest this year. I have finally gotten to the point where I can spend money on things that are not 98% necessary. So I am looking for something simple, a solid colour. I always thought it would be fun to wear a vest. So if any one knows a good vest any where, let me know.

Alex, The Position of Grill Master

So in the kitchen Alex works there is this position, and that position is Grill Chef. I want to say that this is not an easy position, and the last two people who worked this position could not keep up with the pressure or just could not get the meat to right temp.

Well, Alex is there now, and he rocks that position. The sales have gone up, and the members are happier, much happier. So much they gave Alex another dollar raise, He is making the most here he has ever made. All that and he is happy there, he loves his job, and he has fun.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Heads.

There are these heads here in Kentucky. They are really neat, I mean, they are something I can so get into. The site for them is:


It’s most out there to send people a message that the heads represents the mind-body connection. The heads also are trying to tell parents to set healthy habits for their children. The heads want to send the message that a lot of your physical health issues can be related to your mental issues, whether you are aware of these issues or not. Same goes for the other way around, being physical unhealthy can keep you from being mentally fit.

I so totally agree with that. There are these five enduring issues psychologists have been interested in, and the mind-body connection is one of them.

I will have more on my psychology reflection.