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Sunday, February 15, 2009


There is this movie coming out this year, and I am just not sure what to think about it. I wonder who is making it and what angle they will take. I would like to see it as it has two really great actors. Jennifer Connelly playing Emma Darwin, the deeply religious wife of Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany).

I wonder if they will make specific points, if they will add facts, or just the story of what everyone already thinks they know about Charles Darwin.

I would like to direct you to a fact about Charles Darwin, a fact I hope they make sure to add to the movie. This is my cousin’s site and he explains it best.

I have wondered about the rumor that he took back what he said about the Theory of Evolution on his death bed. I hear a lot of christians spouting this as fact any time I even say the word Evolution. Like just because someone told them Charles Darwin said it was a lie, makes it a lie. NO one can know what we will do or when we Must face the time of our death. We don’t know that there wasn’t a person there begging him to renounce his ‘sins’ and be saved before he died. Or if he did it for the love of his wife. We can’t assume

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