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Sunday, February 08, 2009


For the last 4 weeks Alex and I have been attending clown class. Both my mother and sister are clown. They took the class 4 years ago and have done clowning events ever since. They walk in the Derby Parade, volunteer at the Dream Factory summer event here in Louisville, and other charitable events. It’s a real kid involved cause.

This week we put on our first face. We did a white face in only red and black today. I of course forgot my camera, but other people had theirs. That just means I will have to wait till some one sends photos to the group. But I will add photos as soon as I get them. ~oop I do have one of my I took with my cell. Now, just remember this is my first go. I will be different when I make my complete face. I really made my mouth and eye brows too big. I can’t wait to try again.

Next week we will be doing the Auguste face clown. There are three main types of clowns. I am pretty sure I want to be a white face clown. I have a costume design in my head. I will need to make it, which means I will have to learn to work my sewing machine.

It was great fun watching every one transform into a clown. Then we all dressed in the play clothes the teachers brought, and after a while of running around laughing at our selves, we had just a tiny bit of trouble trying to figure out who every one else was.
We spend a few minutes picking out the shapes we would paint on. Then it took about an hour to apply the full face. After we had fun laughing and being silly, we removed the face (which took no short time). All that took a little over two hours.

I think this is a great way to spend my Sunday nights.

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