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Friday, September 30, 2005

Golden Rule, yea right.

In responce to this post.

I like, no Love to get dirty, thank you very much. Lets then leave the Golden Rule out of this.
Unappealing to some? No, unappealing to many. I have no idea where these people come from. What their lives have been like, how they were treated as children. But I do know someone who thinks we need closed minded people to have open minded people. don’t get me wrong, I very much believe in a full and strong balance of life. The only problem is there is no balance with these type of people this male corresponds to, not yet. The only propose this male serves is to give people a voice. I mean that in both ways, he give the closed minded and dumb a voice, and he gives people like me an anger enough to want to voice against him. I read it by my choice to see what the “other” side has to throw.

If we didn’t have people like this in the world maybe the world wouldn’t end, maybe it might just keep on spinning like it has been for much longer than his god has been an opinion in any one head.

Now, that “model in all senses” is going way too far. ALL senses??? How so all? I am very sure we could “differentiate between our own ideas of good and bad” with out that males point of view.

This world is very real, but people like this male make our country a nightmare.
I don’t ever want to see another person say this male did not cause harm to me directly, he harms every thing I stand for. He has a lot of hate for me and mine, he just has not met me in person to let me know how much.

I wish people would read more, like real book, books about how things used to be under religious rule, where stupid people in mobs killed. Where if you did not believe in a certain god you were to be thrown down to the deepest hole. How so many people were wiped out because they knew to much. Where women were hunted, raped and then killed because they knew how to heal and males did not. Because the fucken church wanted the power, so they had the women of influence wiped out. Read this book. I wish people would read a few Pearl S. Buck books. ‘The Good Earth’ is the best,. Pearl won the Nobel Prize in literature, the first American woman to do so. Her books are what people should write and read. How about the book, ‘The Ugly American‘, by William J. Lederer, and Burdick, Eugene now that book moves people.

I just don’t understand how someone can say their religion is the best when Most have never studied another single religion and if they have they did so with closed minds believe to only read evil and sinful subjects.

In the end I have voiced how much disagree I with what the male wrote.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


I have just run into the most revolting blog ever. This idiots blog is so closed minded I am surprised he can even think. I mean this is the type of person that makes America what it is now and keeps it from what it should be. This is the type of person that should be sent off to live in their own little world so that don’t hurt any one in the real world.
Oh here is his site.
I mean gross, I don’t have enough words to say how distasteful this person is to me. I want to try for the fun of it.
Revolting, horrid, nauseating, awful, repulsive, gross, stupid, obtuse, ludicrous, close-minded, narrow-minded, simple-minded, unsophisticated, biased, confined, naive, prejudiced, box head, stupid, stupid, stupid. Please if you can think of any others to match his train of thought, feel very free to post all you want.
I will just say it once more
. I very intensely loathe brutes like him.

Hot or Not.

I have just found this site, I can't remember where I found it, might have been off of someone's site.
I have a link here...
yea so tell me what you think.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stupid Me?!?

I love my psychology class, the teacher rocks. I don’t feel so unintelligent there. I guess I put most of the negative thoughts in my head that really slow me down. I just don’t see what every one else perceives. The only thing I can give my self that is “smart” is that I don’t want to be stupid. Sure that could be seen as intelligent, but I just don’t feel it, or see it, or even know how to recognize it.
I could say that being lazy makes a person stupid, if you don’t want to make the effort to improve your mind. But then for some people it is difficult to gain knowledge, to remember. What makes a person smarter? Someone who learns fast, or someone who learns slowly, yet takes the time to learn?
I want to be smart, I want to know matters and topics and subjects, and think at a higher level. I want to know how to ask really good questions. So what much I do?
Now, I can whine about it or I can do something. I think do.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

She's Pissed

Mother Nature is very angry. Some one has pissed her off. And just wait, she is just getting started. I wish people would treat our home and gifts she gives us with a little more respect.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pop Tart Gone Missing

Someone stole my pop tart today at work. I cant believe it, I mean I can but I really don’t want to think of some one going through my brown paper lunch bag.
There is a break area where I work, and in that area are lockers, two tables, a sink, two vending machines, a microwave, and a refrigerator. I keep my lunch in the frige because I usually have something in it that needs to be kept cold.
I want you to know that I don’t buy or even think about pop tart’s much. Maybe only once in a blue moon will I even crave them. So then I will go and buy a box, of strawberry, unfrosted (I like them better that way, less fake sugar) and then when I get them home I will think about them, and look at them, then maybe I will put them in whatever bag or purse I will be taking for that day.
You can tell I really didn’t have my mind on my poptart today because I didn’t even notice it was missing till I got home and saw the box.
I just cant believe that some stupid person would see if I have any thing good to eat. I do wonder if perhaps this was the first time, because I normally only have like a sandwich, hardboiled egg, apple sauce, a few cookies. Just simple stuff. I mean if this person had looked in my bag a few days ago they would have found a bowl full of red colored smush with bits of green stuff. Yummy
I will get my revenge, this person will be popped.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Band/Song: IZ Facing Future

IZ: This man is a beautiful man. His voice is so sweet, he can stir up feelings in me. Every thing about his music makes me want to go back to Hawaii.
His full name is very extensive, yet it’s Hawaiian.
Israel Kamakawiwo`ole.
There isn’t a track I don’t like. I could listen to any and all of his CD’s over and over.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Speeding Honey

So Alex got his very first speeding ticket yesterday. He was going through Prospect (a very yuppie part of town) and was pulled over by a “Dickless Tracy”, the speed limit was 45 mph, Alex was going 69. Can you believe it, he was sited for going 69. Now maybe he is trying to tell me something, or maybe he is just staying beneath my very strict, in no way, above 70.

At least is was a beautiful number., I mean if you are going to get a ticket, you should make it something to remember. My first ticket was 25 over, of course that was because…well okay I really don’t have a significant reason for it, but it was a hick cop that pulled me over. The cop asked me with his enormous mirror glasses and strait cow boy hat, “where’s the fire?”, what a stupid male. The judge for that county wasn’t much brighter. What a joke that whole ordeal was.

So ladies and gentlemen, try not to speed, or at least try not to get caught.

Friday, September 02, 2005

My Scholastic Experience

I am in college now, and I have to say it is really cool. I like it a lot more than high school. The teachers are not as fun, or at least one of the teachers in JCC is a total arrogant old fart. I guess you will run into them every now and then. I don’t think it has really sunk in that I really am going for my dreams, I guess I never thought that I could or would try for them. I guess I never really thought that high of my self. No self-esteem, or confidence.
I love my psychology class and professor; the class really makes me feel like I want to be there. I love the course, and what it makes you think about. I love how you can be different and it’s not a bad thing.
I love that I can do my papers early if I want to, and that I know how many there will be in the year.
Yea, I really like college, sure there it is lacking the "normal" college stuff in my college, but I am used to it in a way. I never had the "normal" high school stuff either. No prom or band, no clubs in any form, unless you count the smoking club in the restrooms. The one I would have loved and miss the most was the biology class, where you get to dismember the pigs and eyes and chicken feet.
Maybe I will get to do that in one of my college classes.