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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lauren is Having a Baby

My Best friend Lauren (from 8 years ago) is having a baby. She already has a beautiful little boy, who is looking more and more stunning very picture I get. I have not seen her for almost 7 years. She lives only 778 miles from me, that’s only a 12 hour trip. Yet its just to far, I would love to go see her, I don’t see how though.

I miss her so much, I have to say Lauren was the one and only best friend whom I ever got on with. Sure we had our times, but she was the only person in that world (other than my blood) that I loved more than myself. I have so many happy memories. I know she has long since moved on, and I am not considered her best friend any more, that I miss more than any thing.

I will say that It was suppose to be me having the first kids, but I am very glad she is happy

Monday, November 28, 2005

T.V. Series : Nip/Tuck

This is the weirdest show I have ever watched. And yet it has something that I just cant get over. I mean I love the gory parts, I love the sex, I love the Idea. It IS a soap, yet one that I find I can watch. They are on to the third season, so there is something to watch if starting out.

Friday, November 18, 2005

My Cat Likes to Eat Roses and My Dog Loves Carrots

So Alex brought me some roses, very pretty, smelled wonderful. I put them in a vase and enjoy them a bit. I then give Alex a very nice thank you, which takes quite a bit of time. When I come back to the kitchen I find the vase on its side, water every where, and no roses. At first I think We happened to knock them over with out noticing while…but then I see some leaves on the floor. I look closer, because they really don’t look like leaves if you get real close, they are green bits of plant life to be sure. It occured to me that the cats might have knocked the roses over, and dragged the roses away? Oh those poor roses, to suffer the same fate as these unfortunately mangled leaves.
I look and find a couple crimson puddles by the window. That is all I recover. Well at least I got to cherish them for a few moments. Maybe now the cats poo will smell like roses.
As for my dog, well she has this thing for baby carrots. She loves them, they are like the greatest treats in her world. She gets one and shreds it, there are little pieces of orange things all over the floor. She will then run around in circles eating it, starting on the outer most pieces and working her way in. she does the same thing with her dog food if you scatter it on the floor. Now don’t get funny by the idea, I don’t feed my dog off the floor, its just a game she and I do and she loves it.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Birth Place

I miss the beaches.
I miss the friends.
I miss the good food.
I miss the salty air.
I miss China Town.
I miss the colours.
I miss the waves.
I miss the ‘toilet bowl’.
I miss the feeling the being there.
I miss the rain.
I miss the green mountains.
I miss the flowers.

I really miss the smell of the island, my home.

But I will tell you I do not miss the people, or the prices, or the schools I went to. I don’t miss how I was treated.
Would I ever want to live there again. No, never. There are other places with their own beauty. I will only go back there once more in my life, and that will be for my grandmother bereavement.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Boggled Mind

My 910am class has been canceled. So I came over to the library to check out the classes for next semester. I really think I need some help with them, I can’t understand the gibberish they have.

I was really looking forward to this class. At least it is raining out side. It’s a nice rain too, very soft and clean. Smells like my heaven.

I need to go see an advisor, think I will go do that.

My mind can’t seem to stay on one thing today. That’s okay, because it’s raining.