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Friday, September 30, 2005

Golden Rule, yea right.

In responce to this post.

I like, no Love to get dirty, thank you very much. Lets then leave the Golden Rule out of this.
Unappealing to some? No, unappealing to many. I have no idea where these people come from. What their lives have been like, how they were treated as children. But I do know someone who thinks we need closed minded people to have open minded people. don’t get me wrong, I very much believe in a full and strong balance of life. The only problem is there is no balance with these type of people this male corresponds to, not yet. The only propose this male serves is to give people a voice. I mean that in both ways, he give the closed minded and dumb a voice, and he gives people like me an anger enough to want to voice against him. I read it by my choice to see what the “other” side has to throw.

If we didn’t have people like this in the world maybe the world wouldn’t end, maybe it might just keep on spinning like it has been for much longer than his god has been an opinion in any one head.

Now, that “model in all senses” is going way too far. ALL senses??? How so all? I am very sure we could “differentiate between our own ideas of good and bad” with out that males point of view.

This world is very real, but people like this male make our country a nightmare.
I don’t ever want to see another person say this male did not cause harm to me directly, he harms every thing I stand for. He has a lot of hate for me and mine, he just has not met me in person to let me know how much.

I wish people would read more, like real book, books about how things used to be under religious rule, where stupid people in mobs killed. Where if you did not believe in a certain god you were to be thrown down to the deepest hole. How so many people were wiped out because they knew to much. Where women were hunted, raped and then killed because they knew how to heal and males did not. Because the fucken church wanted the power, so they had the women of influence wiped out. Read this book. I wish people would read a few Pearl S. Buck books. ‘The Good Earth’ is the best,. Pearl won the Nobel Prize in literature, the first American woman to do so. Her books are what people should write and read. How about the book, ‘The Ugly American‘, by William J. Lederer, and Burdick, Eugene now that book moves people.

I just don’t understand how someone can say their religion is the best when Most have never studied another single religion and if they have they did so with closed minds believe to only read evil and sinful subjects.

In the end I have voiced how much disagree I with what the male wrote.


Keke said...

Thank You. I really appreciate someone who can take/be a good side, and know when to say good par to someone who has put their heart out. I would like to hear more of your thoughts across mine.

Thomas J. Brown said...

How things used to be under religious rule? Try how things =still= are. I mean, look at the war in Iraq. Bush has said, on multiple occasions, that he invaded Iraq because =GOD TOLD HIM TO DO IT=.

What. The. Fuck.

When I'm running this country, we'll see a true separation of church and state. We will no longer pledge to be one nation, under God. Our notes will trust in God no more.

Religion, that outmoded bastion of mass-ignorance, has caused so many problems over the course of human history that it should banned the world over.

"Religion is the most malevolent and persistent of all mind-viruses. We should get rid of it as quick as we can." - Arthur C. Clarke