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Friday, September 02, 2005

My Scholastic Experience

I am in college now, and I have to say it is really cool. I like it a lot more than high school. The teachers are not as fun, or at least one of the teachers in JCC is a total arrogant old fart. I guess you will run into them every now and then. I don’t think it has really sunk in that I really am going for my dreams, I guess I never thought that I could or would try for them. I guess I never really thought that high of my self. No self-esteem, or confidence.
I love my psychology class and professor; the class really makes me feel like I want to be there. I love the course, and what it makes you think about. I love how you can be different and it’s not a bad thing.
I love that I can do my papers early if I want to, and that I know how many there will be in the year.
Yea, I really like college, sure there it is lacking the "normal" college stuff in my college, but I am used to it in a way. I never had the "normal" high school stuff either. No prom or band, no clubs in any form, unless you count the smoking club in the restrooms. The one I would have loved and miss the most was the biology class, where you get to dismember the pigs and eyes and chicken feet.
Maybe I will get to do that in one of my college classes.

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