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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Speeding Honey

So Alex got his very first speeding ticket yesterday. He was going through Prospect (a very yuppie part of town) and was pulled over by a “Dickless Tracy”, the speed limit was 45 mph, Alex was going 69. Can you believe it, he was sited for going 69. Now maybe he is trying to tell me something, or maybe he is just staying beneath my very strict, in no way, above 70.

At least is was a beautiful number., I mean if you are going to get a ticket, you should make it something to remember. My first ticket was 25 over, of course that was because…well okay I really don’t have a significant reason for it, but it was a hick cop that pulled me over. The cop asked me with his enormous mirror glasses and strait cow boy hat, “where’s the fire?”, what a stupid male. The judge for that county wasn’t much brighter. What a joke that whole ordeal was.

So ladies and gentlemen, try not to speed, or at least try not to get caught.


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Thomas J. Brown said...

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