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Monday, June 06, 2005


I have done it, I have cut all my hair off. It’s a whole 18 inches long, and has to weigh close to a pound or two. It feels so different. I don’t really think it has set in yet.

I have been growing my hair out for 10 years now, I cut it all off when I was 12 years old freshly moved to Arizona. A place where the temp gets up to 106. I made a promise to myself then, I would never again chop my hair off. Then time went by, I got older and more busy. I couldn’t see myself going all the things I wanted to do with so much hair. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard in the slightest to take care of long hair. I also figured it would be a smarter choice.

I can always grow my hair out again. I bet by the time I am 35 my hair will pretty much be back to its long length, that is if I don’t take a few years off and keep it short. I have always loved my long hair. I want to be a grandma with long hair up in a neat little bun, or braided down my back. I do not want to be an old woman with a pompom hair cut.

So give it time and it will be back. As for now, I will enjoy my short hair while it lasts.

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