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Friday, June 03, 2005

Game: The Sims

I love this game, The Sims.
It's just perfect for people who hate their lives. People who want to have such control over other people. People who like to make and see others do weird or gross things. People who have dreams but can never truly reach those imaginings.
Of course it’s also just a great game to laugh at. It really teaches you about life. The truth of it. But like all unreal things in this world The Sims also comes with its very own cheat code. Something life has yet to provide, unless you are of course really smart in the ways of how to rip people off.
The old Sims was really cool, I mean it was a game you could sit and play for hours.
The new one is even better, way more cool and not all shut up like I hoped it wouldn’t be.
I mean shut up like all good and christen. I mean a “good christen family” would never allow their innocent virgin minded children to watch two unmarried females (or two males) do woohoo., much less let them command that action.
Like I said this game is awesome.
If you have yet to play it, I urge you to try it for a day.

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