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Sunday, December 10, 2006

What Happened To Alex

A Story By KCoe

Once upon a time there was a boy, who met a girl, and they found a bond through all the unpleasant stuff in life. Here was a bond that though it seemed very unlikely, (for he was from a rather low-end of town, his living situation was dreadful and he worked in a place the girl thought of as mediocre) with time it grew to be a wonderful and happy thing. She saw that he had a makings of a great provider and mate. So she looked past his living habits and his previous life issues and loved him.
Just a little-bit of time went by and the couple decided to move out of their mothers homes, first they thought of finding places close by each other, but where? He lived on one side of town, she the other. Then one of them, came up with the idea of moving in together, you know to save money and be together. It would get rid of all our problems they gaily thought.
So after a little planning they picked a place that was in the girls ‘area’ of life. One year lease signed, and all moved in they set to playing house the way they were taught. She thought most of his bad living habits would go away, because she believed him when he said they were not real, just something from having to live in his mothers house.
As the time went by, problems began to arise. The girl was not working, she wanted to go to school. The boy did not lose his bad habits. It should have been an okay deal really, they should have been able to work things out where they could balance each other. But because the boy cared so very much about work and the girl cared about his bad habits they could not work things out. They should have realize that if it would not change now, it would only get worse with time, but they were new at this game called House. They just wanted every thing to work out. She believed so much that with time maybe he would change. Turns out she didn’t believe that you can never change a boy into a man.
She did not give up, it became a conquest for her, to help him relies how much he has to offer her and the world. How much he was lacking as a person. She tried every thing she could think of to fix their relationship, to mend what was wrong, to heal the hurt and pain. She was so wrong in believing she would win. She wracked her mind for ways of making his see her point of view. How she thought she was right in what she believed. The girl had become what she hated most. After time had passed she understood she was the only one who cared about what she thought. She stopped caring as well, almost but not quite. She still cared, but she had given up trying. Turns out it was to late. The boy had worked his way up to where he was happy in his work, and he put much of his time and attention and love into his work that he seemed to lose interest in the girl. No one can blame him, she had become this horrible little monster to live with (or so she thought, and he wasn’t going to deny it). She found herself sinking into a deep darkness of anger, hate, and self made pain (mental pain mind you).
She had all but given up, she still loved him, wanted to love him more but could not bring herself to loving someone who she thought of as hurting and misunderstanding her. The boy did nothing to help their relationship, he just spend his time building his career, the love of his life.
Four times the earth went around the sun, and in that time the girl and boy were together. Someone said it was a four year hump, but they knew better, it was the bottom of the last hump together.
The girl thought this last time she would try her remaining card. Give the boy what he wants, his freedom. Even if that meant losing him, she loved him that much. Let the boy live on his own, maybe he would learn what he needed to learn on his own. If not, she would not be there to see it.
The girl thought is would be easy, but alas the pain of that thought hurt the girl more than any thing she had endured up to that time. Because of that pain, she knew it was right. She had her own lessons to learn, her own life to live.
The time has come to end my story, for now. Maybe I can tell a tale of some happiness over a hill.

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Thomas J. Brown said...

I hope the girl's story has a happy ending. -)