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Monday, December 18, 2006

Peanuts For The Homeless.

As I was driving down 6th Street to my apartment no more than 5 minuets ago, I was waiting at a red light when an older black lady approached my car and said to me, “miss can you help me, I'm trying to get something to eat?”

I didn’t have anything at all in the car with me…other than my peanuts.

So I pip up and say, “ Hey I have some peanuts!”

She asks me if she can have them and I hand them over. She thanks and ‘god bless’ me then just walks away and I drive home.

I have had plenty of people walk up to me and ask me for cash, never for food. And never someone so easy to please. I should have given her the bottle of water I had not opened yet.

Oh well, good karma to me.

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