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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hapland Puzzle

I found this game, called Hapland Puzzle. It really is so much fun.
I had a lot of trouble figuring it out, Here is a walk through.
Do try to solve it before you read the walk through.

Open both windows and turn the arrow sign. Open the hatch and make the stick man pop out. Fire the first rock at bridge. Fire the second rock at bell. Fire both grenades at the bridge, and as it hovers over bridge, click on it. This will make the grenades pop into the air and explode. Fire the keycard at the bridge to make the stick man underneath open the door. Put the man into the cannon by clicking on him again and make another man pop out of the hatch. Have him fire the man in cannon up under the bell, but you must click on the spear to bend it slightly so that the stick man wont get speared. Click on the man under the bell to move the bell tower. Click the bell a few times to drop on spear, flinging rock onto mine blowing it up. Then, click on the door to make a man come out. He will walk past where the mine blew up. Just as he is about to enter the door, click on the man on the bottom. Note: This requires precise timing.

Here is Hapland Puzzle 2, I found a walk through online.

And here is Hapland Puzzle 3, fun fun fun people!!!
And it's walk through. I have not yet tested these, but I will soon.

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Thomas J. Brown said...

The Hapland series is a clever one. Check out lazylaces.com for more point-n-click action.