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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Snow Bite

Recall: 2008

One year ago today my area got a foot of snow or more, and as usual the city was not ready. The roads were so bad, not even the main interstate was cleared. Granted it was a freak storm, but it was not the first bad snow of the season. Ended up

Now I work at UPS at night. I could have called and said no way to me driving there in my Jetta, but that would have been to easy for my life. I did not at the time know I could call in a vacation day and take the night off (not that I could have gotten it any ways as over half our wing called in), and I was all up in free call-ins. If I had called in I would have gotten in big trouble. Don’t get me wrong I am not a bad employee, it’s just easy to add up call-ins. I guess I could have called in any ways and then fought it with my union.

The thing is I decided to risk it and go into work that night. So I left extra early because I knew I would be driving real slow. I swear I was only going 20mph or less when I spun out the first time. That was scary, and no cars where around. The second time I spun 270° ended up facing the medium with a bunch of cars coming and a semi heading right at my door. To top it all off it was a Fed Ex truck, I some how saw that while my life did not flash before me. I actually thought I was going to wet myself and if the semi didn’t kill me I was going to electrocute myself though peeing on the heated seats, if that is even possible.?.

Okay back the story. So I am sitting there watching this semi head right at my door, I know I could not get my car to get out of the way fast enough, and if I moved I would head right into a lot of other cars. I really thought I was going to die. Then this driver gets his truck to move in a way I don’t even think is possible on a road without a foot of snow. And then the next second he is missing me, and then passing me. HOLY UNDERWEAR…I am not going to get hit. Then right as the last of him is passing the last of me, I hear a crunch and a slight jolt. All I took away from that was a busted tail light and bumper. I was told it would be a good idea to call Fed Ex and make them claim the damage, but I did not really think the diver was in the wrong. It was me who lost control, and the dude saved my life with his awesome driving.

So, a little over $500 damage is enough for my life

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