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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Holy Cow Gonzo!!!

I just saw the scariest, crazies, funniest thing in my whole life. I was going a google search and I came up with the idea of looking up “why are the Christians crazy”. I got to page 6 and
found This. I don’t know if I should have stopped at page 5 because now I think I might have nightmares. Holy Cow.

Pun intended.

I had to watch it a few times just to see if this was really real. I am really blown away, I don’t know what to say, please let me know what you think.
I guess all I can say right now is. WOW.


Thomas J. Brown said...

Not matter how many times I watch that, it never gets old. That woman is fucking nuts.

I don't understand why people go on reality shows; more often than not, they end up making asses of themselves.

Geo said...

Can you tell me any difference between someone in a mental hospital who hears voices and sees things and a Christian who hears voices and sees things for which there is not a shred of evidence?

How about this. A superbeing who gave an order which it knew a human being would disobey because she has free will, yet punishes that human with death for exercising free will and, then, kills his own son in order to make it up to humans? Is that crazy or what? Imagine what the police would say if a human father killed his own son!

The craziness goes on. Imagine hearing voices come from a burning bush?

What rational being could believe such things. Martin Luther said that to have faith one must destroy reason.
There you go! One of Christianity's leaders tells you that you must be irrational to believe.

Enough, already!

Keke said...

That is another view people. Now tell me, is it your Only view? Or can you see from a different angle?