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Friday, January 13, 2006

Grandma’s charity for one.

I know I should not be bitter, or even let myself think down this path, but it is a remorseless thought. What my grandmother gave to one, could have been five or more to another. Its like giving one poor (although not poor in my case) person a $50,000 car, when that could have been five $12,500 cars. I do not think people without cars will be picky or selective.
My grandmother has now gotten to the point that she has forgotten she promised my older sister the funds to go to college. So my sister put the tuition on her card. Those funds never came, my sister had to leave school, and pay off a part of a degree she will never have. This information is something few people know. The only reason why I am spilling this secret be cause I am fuming. I know by saying this it may hurt a person I don’t want to hurt. I am sorry, but I cant and wont help that.
Why do I now tell this, when it happened years ago? Because a similar case could have transpired. I am upset because it will be me paying for my younger sister to go to college. Lets hope that the brains she possesses will get her something to help. Before I can do that, I have to be in a place to make that kind of money. My younger sister is intelligent, and so no community college will sustain her.
So this year I will work on my anger, and get myself through college, at least the career I chose is willing to pay my way. I just have to pay for the prerequisites first. Oh yea, the government does help me because I need it that bad.

I feel better.
Blessed Be

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