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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Being Female

Every time my Moon times take place I cant tell you how grateful it makes me. I love being a woman , life can fill you up with so many different feelings, emotions, sensations and passions. Being female is like a very intense ride. So when I see all this crap being pumped into my world about all the dreadful female problems we poor females have to “deal” with, it pisses me the fuck off.
I mean, this commercial I saw about some panty liners, it was a ‘spokes woman’ for this pad company, standing in a store in the sanitary napkins row, this woman was asking ladies about their pads.
“did you ever feel uncomfortable in your pad?”
These stupid girls would say shit like “yes sometimes my pad feels sticky, and it makes me oh so self-conscious.”
I mean, they pore some blue water in this pad, and then had the girls feel the pad and tell them if it feels sticky.
OF COURSE it wont feel sticky, its freaking blue water.
Okay, so having a menstrual cycle is a bad thing to today women.
Why though? Why does it have to be such an ghastly thing? It’s one of the many beautiful things our bodies can do that the male body cant. This thing means we can give life, it means our bodies are healthy, it means we are in our prime.
I never have likes any of the pad advertisements, they feel degrading to natural women. I my self use Glad Rags. They are so awesome, I mean they will last for years. All I ever have to do is think of a years supply of used pads sitting somewhere, and I cant wait till my next moon cycle to use my glad rags.
Yea some people can think that’s gross all they want, but they are just the type of people who are afraid of their own bodies. Or just really guilty about being alive, but I won’t do there today, not about the self indulged guilt-ridden born sinners.
Damn, I did it again, I got off track.
Life should be enjoyed, every single bit of it. And nothing that is natural for our bodies to do is ever a bad terrible, prejudicial or shameful thing.

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