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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

There are Worse Choices

So, I have taken Job B and I will take neither A or C. Walking into the interview for Job C was strange for me. Yes it is something I want, but at what cost?
There are few things in my life that I can not and I really mean I just cant tolerate. Those things are the three things I am not allowed to talk about with other people. I can type them though. Sex, religion, and politicks.
Okay maybe four things, the forth being stupid people.
What has this to do with Job C? Well, as I walked into job C’s interview I did notice (with my eyes that see these things more than other people notice) all the christen crap. I guess I should tell you what this job was, it was a C.N.A. training and position at baptist East Hospital.
Okay so a lot of people would now claim I had lost my head, who cares about all the god-fearing-critter crap, and that one pages in their application about upholding certain beliefs in the hospital. It was a great opportunity, I just don’t know how long I could have worked in a place like that, surrounding myself with a problem I am working on. It would have been like throwing watered down gas on this fire I am trying to put out.
So no, I did not take the job. Call me crazy, but I have made worst choices in my life.

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