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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Sister is Coming for the Winter

My Sister will be coming up for the season time, I am so excited, she will have Bastain with her. Auntie put out the money for the tickets, and mom got the job of setting them up. Chelsea will be here or a little under a month, which we are all happy about. She will get to stay up here in Louisville with Mom, Jessica, and I when she will have to go down to Elizabethtown where Auntie lives (which is like 2 hours away).

I was hoping she would be here in time from Yule with Alex’s family, in a way she will be here on the day (well night really) that we are all celebrating Winter Solstice. We will be picking Chelsea up before the night is over but after we leave the family’s place. I cant tell any one really how excited I am so get to see Chelsea, I do miss being around her, her witty remarks, her air of know-all, her little laught that only she knows how to make, the smell of her ( although she by now smell different being as she has a baby with its only smell and so I am sure the two smell has merged). Oh yea my memory works better by smell, and I relate things by smell.

Brit will be coming too, he wont get to stay as long, but it will be nice to get him up here to see Louisville, we want Chelsea and Company to move up here. Good luck to us then.

For more info on Yule see next blog.

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