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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lauren is Having a Baby

My Best friend Lauren (from 8 years ago) is having a baby. She already has a beautiful little boy, who is looking more and more stunning very picture I get. I have not seen her for almost 7 years. She lives only 778 miles from me, that’s only a 12 hour trip. Yet its just to far, I would love to go see her, I don’t see how though.

I miss her so much, I have to say Lauren was the one and only best friend whom I ever got on with. Sure we had our times, but she was the only person in that world (other than my blood) that I loved more than myself. I have so many happy memories. I know she has long since moved on, and I am not considered her best friend any more, that I miss more than any thing.

I will say that It was suppose to be me having the first kids, but I am very glad she is happy

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Anonymous said...

Lauren looks so great. I'm really happy for her. We'll just have to get you guys together.